Why use a Real Estate Agent when buying a home?

October 2, 2021


The SERVICES of a Real Estate Professional

  • Helping you to clarify the type of home you need and can afford
  • Providing information about available properties and sources of financing
  • Arranging appointments to view available properties
  • Providing accurate answers to any questions you may have about a specific home you are considering
  • Explaining the forms used in a real estate transaction and assisting you in making a written offer to purchase
  • Presenting your written offer to the seller
  • Familiarizing you with the steps you must take to complete the purchase after the seller accepts your offer

It’s FREE for the home buyer! Saving money is often in the mind of many hopeful homebuyers’ but one thing they don’t have to skimp out on is hiring a Real Estate Agent. In residential real estate, the commission is usually paid out by the seller whether or not a buyer’s agent is involved. So you can employ the services of a trained and experience real estate professional on your side for FREE!

A Buyer’s agent looks out for YOUR best interest at ALL times. The Real Estate Agent you often see at an open house is usually working for the seller as a “Listing Agent.” They have the legal and ethical responsibility to act in the interest of their client, which is the Seller. You, as a buyer, would want someone negotiating and acting on YOUR behalf. A Buyer’s Agent has the responsibility of loyalty to you, to act in your best interest, to disclose all known material facts, and to maintain all confidential information. It is important to find a Real Estate Agent you can trust!