Top 3 things that will maximize your profit when selling your home

November 2, 2021

I want to lay out exactly what it takes to sell your home. If narrowed it down to just 3 important points!

In order to show it to the most amount of qualified buyers, it needs to be accessible during most hours of the day (about 8am to 8 pm). Potential buyers who are interested in looking at your house could have irregular schedules, they could be in a hurry, they may have only a specific window of time in where they can view potential properties for themselves. I’ve seen some listings that are only able to be shown after 6 pm which makes it difficult for my potential buyers and I to view that property. In our current market right now (as I am writing this) where inventory is relatively high, we could just move on and look at other properties. The main point of this is to make the home as accessible as possible so that they can view the property at any given time, even at a short notice. Personally, if allowed by Strata, I will suggest the use of a Real Estate Agent’s Lockbox. It is important that your agents are using lockboxes that are only accessible to other Real Estate Agents. With permission, another Agent can access my lockbox to get a key to the property, I receive all their information including Agent’s name, office information, and time/duration accessed. In looking for the right buyer for your home, the one buyer that has a hard time booking an appointment could be the one who was willing to pay the most for your property.

2. Property needs to SHOW WELL
Buyers need to envision themselves living there and for that to happen, the property needs to be organized, clean, and decluttered. In general, I suggest aiming to remove one piece of furniture in every room. The homeowner also needs to remove or hide family photos and remove any odd pieces of art. Because again, the buyers need to envision themselves living in the home. Ask your Agent for advice in presenting your home and if they provide any home staging services. For interior walls, I suggest that the paint should be a neutral color. And lastly – odors. This is especially important if there are pets, or if someone smokes in the house. Find a way to remove unpleasant odors and create more of a neutral, non-overbearing smell.

And now that you have a property that shows well, GOOD QUALITY pictures are important. Pictures are the first thing an interested buyer sees on the internet and we want to leave the buyers wanting to see more. It kills me when I see POORLY shot, phone pictures on property listings. They could be missing out on potential buyers and not maximize their profit.

3. Lastly but most importantly, the property needs to be PRICED WELL
All the marketing can attract buyers but ultimately the price sells the home. Pricing could be 95% of it. We can mess up the other points but if it is still priced well, it will SELL! A house or property is like a product that has a present-day value. Similar to the stock market actually, property values can go up and down at a given time. It is important to talk to a well informed REALTOR® to see what your home might sell for and what it should be listed for to maximize exposure and maximize profits.